The quietest floor Gerflor Top Silence

Gerflor TOP Silence - composition flooring
product structure

Vinyl, textile backing and high density HDF layer

This vinyl floating floor use in new buildings and in residential areas to be reconstructed, which is not optimal sound and thermal insulation substrate. This is not a classic or floating laminate flooring, but a new combination of vinyl, textile pads and solid motherboard with patented locking joint. Silent flooring Gerflor Top Silence offers a number of unique features. Top 10 x Silence is quieter than standard laminate flooring, has a 50% greater sound absorption and sound reduction reaching 18 dB. Top Comfort is a feature that combines all the advantages of vinyl and textile mats. The floor is very pleasant and easy to maintain. Top Resistance is made possible thanks to a strong wear layer and PUR protection for high resistance to wear. Top Easy installation thanks to the i-lock mechanism. Can lay up to 12m² per hour. Top Realistic decorations correspond to its actual templates - wood and stone.

You ask: „What is the secret of Gerflor flooring TopSilence?" THERE IS NO SECRETS...

The answer is in a sound insulation layer to absorb noise of a total thickness 1 mm. Listen the sound test right below this text column. More informationa you can to know from a picture showing product structure Gerflor TopSilence.

In the following TEST you can compare yourself sound level clatter of floating floors

Standard laminate Gerflor TopSilence

All you want to know about of installation Gerflor TopSilence


European Classification 23/32 predisposes the quiet floors to all residential areas. In terms of commercial use floors are recommended areas with medium traffic. Gerflor TopSilence not suitable for damp rooms. Ideal room temperature is 20°C. Avoid extreme variations in temperature.


Compatible with hydronic systems only. Floor surface temperature must not exceed 27°C. Turn off system 48 hours prior to installation. Thermostat required. Not compatible with reversible systems.


Remove existing flooring. Clean surface and make sure subfloor is level: height difference should not be greater than 2 mm per metre. Flooring can be installed on any surface, except carpeting. Test for moisture: maximum reading for concrete subfloors is 1.8% and 0.3% for anhydrite subfloor.


Lay a moisture resistant vapour barrier such as polyethylene film (0.2 mm thick, 1.2 mm if not using cellulose foam). Overlap seams by at least 20 cm and run up at least 2 cm against walls. If necessary, use additional sound insulation; sub-layer must not be more than 3 mm.


Do not use a hammer or mallet. Inspect each plank before installation; do not use defective, damaged or broken planks. An 8 mm expansion space must be provided between planks, around the perimeter of the room and around any fixed objects such as pipes and doors. Increase space to 15 mm if surface is greater than 11x5 and between rooms.

  • 1
    Installation of Gerflor Top-Silence - step 1 For the first row, gently slide the short ends Gerflor TopSilence against the wall without locking.
  • 2
    Installation of Gerflor Top-Silence - step 2 For subsequent planks, assemble the long side by tilting the plank and sliding it until the small ends are aligned.
  • 3
    Installation of Gerflor Top-Silence - step 3 Short side lamellas snap to each other by the pressure to lock in place as shown a picture.


To remove flooring, remove one full row at a time and slide the planks; do not separate by lifting.


TopSilence laminate flooring is already protected. Do not use chemical products. Do not use large amounts of water and avoid leaving puddles when cleaning. Remove damp items such as bottles and flower pots. Place protectors (not rubber) under furniture and rolling chairs.

Gerflor TopSilence benefits in short

icon top silence

TOP - silence

IMPACT - Gerflor Top Silence is 10 times less noisy than a standard laminate flooring.
LOW RESONANCE - 50% less echo. Graph of effective absorption echoes is there.
NOISE TRANSMISSION - 18 dB acoustic insulation, no sub-layer.

icon top easy

TOP - easy

EASY INSTALLATION - clic lock on long side and vertical fitting on short.
QUICK INSTALLATION - construction of floor allows for quick installation. Approximately 12m ² / hour.
LOW REQUIREMENTS - all-purpose (except carpet).

icon top resistant

TOP - resistant

PUR - heel marks, dents, scratches eliminated thanks to the 0.35 mm PU varnished wear layer.
RESULT - unique comfort underfoot.
GUARANTEE - residential use 15 years (high traffic), commercial use 5 years (middle traffic).

icon top comfort

TOP - comfort

CLEVER - the comfort of vinyl cleverly combined with the softness of fibres.
FASTNESS - HDF bottom layer gives to the product the desired strength.
EASY MAINTENANCE - easy cleaning and low maintenance.

ikona top realistic

TOP - realistic

DECORS - maximum realistic floors true to their drafts.
SURFACE - decors with embossed surface wood, stone patterns are provided on the velvet touch surface.
BEVELLED EDGES - available only with wood decors, mineral decors have no bevelled edges.

relief and bevelled eges velvet touch and no bevelled edges
wood decors mineral decors

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  • Gerflor Top Silence 1652 - Legend Dark

    Legend Dark

    Dimension Code
    129 x 19 cm 1652
  • Gerflor Top Silence 1431 - Legend Pecan

    Legend Pecan

    Dimension Code
    129 x 19 cm 1431
  • Gerflor Top Silence 1651 - Legend Warm

    Legend Warm

    Dimension Code
    129 x 19 cm 1651
  • Gerflor Top Silence 1420 - Legend White

    Legend White

    Dimension Code
    129 x 19 cm 1420
  • Gerflor Top Silence 1698 - Largo Blond

    Largo Blond

    Dimension Code
    129 x 19 cm 1698
  • Gerflor Top Silence 1697 - Largo Clear

    Largo Clear

    Dimension Code
    129 x 19 cm 1697
  • Gerflor Top Silence 1696 - Largo Grey

    Largo Grey

    Dimension Code
    129 x 19 cm 1696
  • Gerflor Top Silence 1699 - Largo Medium

    Largo Medium

    Dimension Code
    129 x 19 cm 1699
  • Gerflor Top Silence 1590 - Dune Moka

    Dune Moka

    Dimension Code
    119,8 x 27,8 cm 1590
  • Gerflor Top Silence 1700 - Dune Beige

    Dune Belge

    Dimension Code
    119,8 x 27,8 cm 1700
Gerflor Top Silence 1420 - Legend White Gerflor Top Silence 1431 - Legend Pecan Gerflor Top Silence 1590 - Dune Moka Gerflor Top Silence 1696 - Largo Grey Gerflor Top Silence 1697 - Largo Clear Gerflor Top Silence 1699 - Largo Medium Gerflor Top Silence 1700 - Dune Beige

Technical data


Total thickness EN 428 mm 9.5
Thickness of the wear-layer EN 429 mm 0.35
Weight / Mass per unit area EN 430 g/m2 7970
Dimensions EB 427 cm Wood: 129 x 19 cm
Stone: 119,8 x 27.2 cm
Surface treatment - - PURECLEAN


European classification EN 685 class 23-32
Fire rating classification EN 13501-1 class Bfl-s1
Impact sound insulation EN ISO 717-2 dB 18
Room impact noise NF S 31074 class B
Slip resistance wet: ramp test with oil DIN 51 130 class R10


Edges of planks - Wood: V-style (4 bellewed edges)
Stone: Straight edges


Number of planks per package - Wood: 6
Stone: 4
Packaging box m2 Wood: 1,47
Stone: 1,30


15 years for a residential use
5 years for a commercial use

CE Marking

ce EN 14041         


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